Superfeet Easyfit Women’s Flats

Superfeet Easy Fit Women's 3/4 length Arch Support Insoles for casual, dress or sporting shoes. Designed to help center the foot to reduce over-pronation while offering balance for more even weight distribution and shock absorption. Recommended for flats or heels 1" or lower.

Superfeet Easy-Fit Products use the same biomechanical shape and deep heel cup as the Trim-To-Fit, but are designed to fit in tighter fitting dress, casual or sporting shoes. The lightweight, 3/4 length profile centers the foot, reduces over-pronation, and allows the heel foott pad to naturally cushion impact.

Fitting Superfeet in shallow flats and low volume shoes without removable insoles is easy with the Women’s 3/4 Easy-Fit. Using the best shock absorption materials, the lightweight design maintains the biomechanical support found in Superfeet’s Trim-To-Fit Products. * Recommended for flats or heels 1” or lower * NO TRIMMING NECESSARY

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